Barry Ernest
Harrisburg, PA.

Bio: Let me start by saying I am the recipient of the 2011 Mary Ferrell Pioneer Award, presented in appreciation for a lifetime of searching for the truth in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The road to that honor began in 1967 while I was a bored freshman at Kent State University (this was before they started shooting students). A classmate one day asked why I believed the Warren Report (which I actually did back then), and the next thing I knew I was academically sidetracked while off questioning witnesses in Dallas and hooking up hotel rooms near the National Archives in Washington. After two years in the Navy (there was after all a draft then) it was back to the classroom, now at Point Park College in Pittsburgh. PPC was one of the better-rated schools for my major, journalism and communications. Stints as an investigative reporter for newspapers in York, PA, and Syracuse, NY, came next. That was followed by speechwriting and press secretary duties for the State of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, where I now reside with my wife. The constant thread through all of this was my ever-growing passion for finding out what really happened in the JFK assassination. More trips to Dallas and the Archives, plus work with numerous authors and other researchers effectively honed my inquisitive skills and knowledge of the subject. My focus from the start was on finding Victoria Adams, a little-known, neglected and yet, as I determined along the way, a very crucial witness to the president's murder. Here was a young woman whose only sin (she had once been a nun) was that she told the truth, something we are all taught to do. The only problem was, no one believed her. "The Girl on the Stairs" thus chronicles my 35-year search to find Miss Adams and discover what it was no one else wanted to hear.

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