Turning The Tables

For quite a while I have been answering questions posed by readers of my book. Now I want to turn the tables and ask the readers a question. Let’s see what kind of discussions (if any) this query produces, shall we?

The question is:

What physical evidence puts Oswald in the so-named “sniper’s nest” at the time the shots were fired?


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5 responses to “Turning The Tables

  1. Martin Floré

    Is there evidence that L.H. Oswald was in the TSBD? I don’t believe people like G. Posner and the late V. Bugliosi and their books. I can believe that Oswald was in the building, but not at the 6th floor. Was he involved? Maybe but not at a high level. He was more likely ‘just a patsy’. And I don’t believe Judith Baker either.

  2. An excellent question, Mr. Ernest. I dare say there’s no “physical” evidence that places the wrongly accused in the so named “sniper’s nest”. Plenty of conjecture and contrived “evidence”, but nothing legitimate.

  3. Kennedy63

    If I may, the biggest non-existent piece of evidence was the “paper bag” the WC and DPD claimed Oswald used to carry the Mannlicher-Carcano into the TSBD, on November 22. 1963. The WC even provided a picture with a dotted-line outline of this camera-shy bag. At about 2:30 pm. the instant WC media darling, the reclusive made its media debut in from of the TSDB. Other pieces of fabricated evidence were the shells, found at the staged “snipers nest,” and the planted rifle – all props set in place to be found by police. The DPD personnel lied about evidence, Oswald’s actions, and Oswald’s alleged crimes. Ballistics, handwriting, clothing fibers, timing, statements, movements, acquaintances, motives, background, psychology, Soviet Union, Mexico, Fair Play for Cuba, New Orleans, Marines, Russian Language, Soviet Fake-Defection, etc., need I go on? Were we to take Oswald out of the picture (as the assassin) we would be left with: On November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was finally assassinated by a group of snipers who followed him from Chicago, Tampa, Miami, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas – all cities of mafia chiefs recruited by the CIA, and having assassination-trained anti-Castro Cuban groups.

  4. Kennedy63

    In the above comment, I dyslexically wrote: “At about 2:30 pm. the instant WC media darling, the reclusive made its media debut in from of the TSDB.” I should have intelligently stated: “At about 2:30 pm in front of the TSBD, upon its debut for cameras salivating for any “news” from Dallas, the reclusive “rifle bag” became an instant media darling on November 22, 1963.

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