Turning The Tables

For quite a while I have been answering questions posed by readers of my book. Now I want to turn the tables and ask the readers a question. Let’s see what kind of discussions (if any) this query produces, shall we?

The question is:

What physical evidence puts Oswald in the so-named “sniper’s nest” at the time the shots were fired?



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3 responses to “Turning The Tables

  1. Martin Floré

    Is there evidence that L.H. Oswald was in the TSBD? I don’t believe people like G. Posner and the late V. Bugliosi and their books. I can believe that Oswald was in the building, but not at the 6th floor. Was he involved? Maybe but not at a high level. He was more likely ‘just a patsy’. And I don’t believe Judith Baker either.

  2. An excellent question, Mr. Ernest. I dare say there’s no “physical” evidence that places the wrongly accused in the so named “sniper’s nest”. Plenty of conjecture and contrived “evidence”, but nothing legitimate.

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