Who Did She See?

Vicki Adams denied seeing William Shelley and Billy Lovelady on the first floor when she arrived there. Sandra Styles provided strong corroboration that those two men weren’t around. Additional evidence backs up and is consistent with the truthfulness of Miss Adams. But what about the “black man” Miss Adams said she observed on the first floor? That’s the one she said she spoke to — asking if the president had been shot — not  Shelley or Lovelady. This is the same “black man” Sandra Styles also noticed. And it was the “black man” Marrion Baker said he was about to confront, until Roy Truly stepped in to say the guy was an employee who happened to be “slightly retarded.” The identity of this figure is a mystery. Could it have been Jack Dougherty? Check out the description of Dougherty in this Secret Service report dated December 7, 1963. Pay particular attention to how Truly describes him in the document below.




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