Seems Others See It Too


What’s wrong with the JFK research community?


1.  Social Media Groups-  While social media has helped this case, it has also created an issue.  Behind our keyboards we are able to make whatever claims we want so we have to be careful not to make them unless they’re solid.  Also, social media can allow us to not see someone as a human being.  It’s easy to get online and argue with someone about the facts of this case and then demonize them if we don’t agree with their theory.  We need to be careful not to go there because it doesn’t do anything except create drama for the JFK community.

2.  Gossip and Slander-  This is a huge issue in the research community. I’ve met a lot of good researchers who have wanted to help in this case, only to see them fall victim to the jealousy and back biting that so often accompanies the JFK community.  Not everyone is like this.  I know a lot of researchers who are genuine to the bone. However, not everyone is in this with a pure motive.  Just ask yourself this….what in the world does the gossip and slander of other researchers do to help solve the murder of President Kennedy?

3.  Lies-   As hard as it seems to believe, certain researchers will bold faced lie about the facts of this case.  They do this because there is something inside them that desperately wants their theories to be accepted as truth.  They have tactics for this deception.  One of them is to take things out of context.  For example, they will take a statement of an eyewitness and present it to you as the only thing this witness said in their entire testimony.  Meanwhile, the researcher knows this is false.  They refuse to acknowledge the entire text because if they do that it will destroy their  theory. Another tactic they employ is denial.  If you stub a false researcher with the facts they will deny those facts and claim you’re apart of the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy as well. They don’t mind saying such outlandish things because they know no one will hold them accountable for their accusation.  Honesty is the best policy when it comes to historical research.  We have to be careful to not put our bias above where the evidence takes us, and if we do that we will be okay.

4.  Statesmanship-  JFK was the best statesman we ever had in the White House.  Yes, he wasn’t perfect in his character, but he usually showed class…even to his enemies.  I hope we can strive to be statesman in our research as well.  As JFK told us in his American University Speech…we all are mortals…we all breathe the same air… In the spirit of that speech, I also hope we can treat one another with class and respect.

5.  A Lack of Younger Students-  I don’t want to be to harsh on this point.  I realize it’s not easy to get my generation involved in much of anything.  However, I hope the older researchers realize that their work will need to be passed on to the younger researchers in order for it to survive.  This means that it’s crucial to reach younger people about the importance of JFK’s assassination…no matter how difficult it may be.   Besides, we don’t have to raise up an army of researchers.  Even if we’re able to reach one, that’s better than none.

In closing,  I’m not accusing a particular person in this blog.  I’m simply pointing out the things that are holding us back as a research community in hope that we can move forward in solving this case together.  No man is an island to themselves.  We all need each others experience and expertise.  Until next time, keep pursuing the truth.

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  1. David M King

    Thank you for the debt you pay to Harold Weisberg. In late year of 1994 I contacted him in Maryland by phone from Hawaii. He was generous with his time (though he was not one to waste time) and knowledge. We spoke on the phone at most 3 times and I did receive 2 letters I believe. He, as i am sure you know, easily gained one’s respect and admiration. I miss him.

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