20 common reproaches and 20 typical refrains recovered from recent postings on related forums:

1) Lee Harvey Oswald owned the rifle found on the sixth floor of the Depository on 11/22/63.

So? And are you talking about the 7.65 German Mauser, or the 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano that police neglected to swab to determine if it had even been fired that day?

2) Oswald owned the handgun used to kill Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit.

Documented evidence showing ownership of the handgun – much like the rifle – is not as convincing as some presume. The chain of evidence involving the cartridge cases – the only ballistics link to that handgun – is remarkably sloppy if not intentionally misleading. Bullets recovered from Tippit’s body do not conclusively match the handgun – or even the recovered cartridge cases.

3) Yes, fool. Oswald WAS positively identified by witness Howard Brennan as the person firing a rifle on 11/22/63.

Positively? Are you kidding me or do you think I’m as stupid as you? And just so we’re clear, is this the same Howard Brennan who said the man he observed in the window was STANDING when he fired the weapon? The same witness that even staff members of the Warren Commission had serious reservations about? The same witness who, despite seeing pictures of the arrested Oswald prior to a police lineup, STILL could not positively identify him in that lineup? This is, of course, assuming he even attended that lineup, since that claim is in serious dispute as well.

4) Marina Oswald admitted to taking pictures of Lee with his weapons.

So? Let’s cut the mumbo-jumbo here and say those pictures ARE legitimate. Do those pictures indicate in any way that Oswald, to the exclusion of all other people, fired those weapons on 11/22/63…or any other day for that matter?

5) Buell Wesley Frazier observed Oswald take a package into the Depository Building on 11/22/63.

Where is the evidence showing us what was INSIDE that package? An FBI analyst said there was nothing to indicate it contained a rifle. Witnesses said the package was too short to hold the rifle, even disassembled. The FBI is on record as verifying that shorter length. Since evidence is so dubious in support of its contents being a weapon, is it possible the package contained something else?

6) Are you an idiot? Oswald was a liar because he said the package he carried that morning contained curtain rods and it didn’t.

You must be an uneducated bloke. There is absolutely no evidence that Oswald made this claim. It was actually Frazier who said that Oswald said that. A smart person can see that as being hearsay.

7) Oswald was seen working on the Depository’s sixth floor that morning.

Good lord, man! So were William Shelley, Charles Givens, Danny Arce, Billy Lovelady, Harold Norman, and Bonnie Ray Williams, to name a few. Oswald’s normal duties involved his presence on that floor during the workday.

8) Oswald’s palm print was found on his rifle after the assassination.

Are we talking about that who-knows-how-old print found on the underside of the barrel and only visible when the rifle was disassembled?

9) No other bullets, fragments, or shells other than those from Oswald’s gun were found.

The 30.06 shell, configured for a “sabot,” discovered on the roof of the County Records Building? The bullet nick on the curb that cannot conclusively be tied to Oswald’s rifle? The empty FBI evidence envelope uncovered by the ARRB labeled as once containing a 7.65 German Mauser shell found in Dealey Plaza? And what were police looking for in the grass 10 minutes after the assassination? Since other evidence has been altered, flushed down a toilet, burned, or reported missing (including, for example, some of those bullet fragments), who’s to say what was found and what wasn’t?

10) The majority of witnesses said shots came from behind the President in the direction of the Depository.

The HSCA found 47 percent of the witnesses felt the shots came from the Depository. The other 53 percent said they came from the knoll, somewhere else, or from two different directions. Statistics, however, can be made to say whatever you want.

11) You must be a fantasy-minded kook because Oswald made an unusual trip to Irving on 11/21/63. His rifle was found missing from Ruth Paine’s garage the following day.

That trip to Irving on a Thursday evening was not unique. Mr. Stooge. The trip on THAT particular Thursday evening was not sinister, if you weren’t so unprincipled and looked at the explanations for it. Evidence supporting the rifle being stored in the Paine garage is simply nonexistent.

12) On the morning of the assassination, Oswald left behind $170. Logic dictates that he felt he may not return.

What are you mumbling about now? Logic might also dictate that a man planning to shoot the president, and then attempt his escape, would NOT leave that sum of money behind.

13) Oh yeah? Well, Oswald was the only Depository employee to miss a roll call after the assassination.

This is simply not true, as documented evidence proves. But it does show the lengths you LN morons will go to in order to support your stubborn beliefs.

14) Oswald, in flight, shoots and kills Officer Tippit. Multiple witnesses confirm it was Oswald.

The only thing those multiple witnesses were able to confirm was their fallibility in describing the incident, describing the shooter, and determining what time it had occurred. Several, for instance, cast very serious doubts on the police lineup procedures used to pick out Oswald as the culprit.

15) Why does Oswald kill Tippit if he’s innocent of killing Kennedy?

A very provocative question. Think about it, genius.

16) Oswald was a nut case. Anyone can see that, except kooks like you. For instance, he attempted to shoot retired General Edwin Walker in Dallas on April 10, 1963.

Let’s keep this civil, jackass. And the evidence for Oswald shooting at Walker is what now? Even the intended victim said it wasn’t Oswald. Walker is on record too as saying the 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcanno slug (Oswald’s supposed ammunition) shown to him later was NOT the same as the missed bullet recovered from his wall. All the HSCA was capable of saying, even after sophisticated neutron activation analysis, was that the missed slug was “similar” to bullets from Oswald’s rifle and that it “probably” came from Oswald’s rifle. As did most investigators, we’ll forget those who saw more than one man flee from the scene.

17) It was proven, no matter what anybody wants to believe to the contrary, that three shots could be fired in the allotted timeframe from Oswald’s rifle (and with good accuracy).

Are you for real? Seriously, are you? Was it proven Oswald had the capability of doing that? Evidence indicates a big fat no. And hasn’t this “proof” come from tests performed by sniper-grade, Olympics-level, top-of-the-class NRA deadeyes who fired at stationary or straight-track-gliding silhouettes whose heads were depicted by oversized pieces of wood or watermelons or coconuts? Perhaps we’re talking about the techno-tests involving animated cartoon-headed characters shot by computer-generated laser beams? You’ve been playing video games too long, kiddo!

18) You must be delirious because the single-bullet theory has still not been proven to be an impossibility.

Nor has it been proven to be a probability, dunce boy. The autopsy doctors and medical evidence indicate otherwise.

19) In 50 years, there has been absolutely no evidence of conspiracy. Why can’t conspiracy nuts accept that?

I suppose because “conspiracy nuts,” as you call them, are more inquisitive. And actually, there IS plenty to indicate that we have not been told the full truth, for those willing to look below the surface. History has shown that it is easier to accept a fantasy than it is to explore the facts behind it. That has been the pattern, and blanket statements such as what you just made will do nothing but duplicate that template.

20) It was also proven that Oswald could have travelled, in 90 seconds or less, the distance to the second-floor lunchroom in advance of policeman Marrion Baker’s arrival there.

Whoop-de-doo to you! It has been “proven” (your word) that the trip could have been made in as little as 48 seconds. But that doesn’t mean Oswald made it. Nor does it explain why critical evidence disputing his presence on the stairs at that particular moment was never factored into the equation.

And the beat will go on and on and on….


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4 responses to “20/20

  1. Very good piece, and funny too. From reading your book I somehow got the idea you were an introspective person, but it seems you also have a combative side! (I really enjoyed your book by the way)

  2. “Introspective” I will accept. But “combative”? I gave up playing ping pong because I felt it was too militant a game! Anyway, although the responses shown in “20/20” reflect for the most part my general feelings on the subject, they and the comments that led to those responses were all taken from actual postings gathered from various online related forums. The point is, there is no point.


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